Wolf Popper LLP News

November 30, 2021

In Response To Suit, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Admits It Created And Operated Taskforce Under Trump In Violation Of Federal Transparency Law

October 13, 2021

Settlement Reached in Doctor’s Best, Inc. Glucosamine Sulfate Consumer Litigation

October 3, 2021

Nine Wolf Popper Attorneys Named 2021 Super Lawyers!

September 29, 2021

Wolf Popper LLP Appointed Co-Lead Counsel in Class Action Challenging MSG Networks Inc. Merger

September 9, 2021

$40 Million Settlement Reached in AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. Stockholder Litigation

August 21, 2021

Consumer Advocates Ask Court to Declare Unlawful a Trump-era Consumer Financial Protection Board Taskforce and to Block Use of Its Findings

April 26, 2021

Wolf Popper LLP Defeats Defendants' Motion to Dismiss in McDermott International, Inc. Securities Litigation

April 7, 2021

Court Grants Preliminary Approval of Class Action Settlement in First Choice Healthcare Solutions, Inc. Securities Litigation

March 15, 2021

Class Certification Granted in Microchip Federal Securities Fraud Litigation

February 26, 2021

Court Sustains Lawsuit Over Trump Administration Financial Regulation Task Force

February 3, 2021

Court Sustains Wolf Popper LLP’s Complaint Against Merrill Lynch in “Sweep” Account Class Action

December 31, 2020

Adam Blander Promoted to Partner

November 25, 2020

Wolf Popper Defeats Motion to Dismiss in Nutra Manufacturing LLC Glucosamine Case

November 20, 2020

Wolf Popper LLP Defeats Motion to Dismiss in GPB Partnerships Derivative Litigation

September 28, 2020

Eight Wolf Popper Attorneys Named 2020 Super Lawyers!

September 28, 2020

Wolf Popper LLP Defeats Motion to Dismiss in Asterias Stockholder Lawsuit

August 17, 2020

Wolf Popper LLP Prevails Against Motion to Dismiss in AmTrust Preferred Stock Securities Lawsuit

July 8, 2020

Court Issues Order Granting Final Approval of Envision Healthcare/EmCare Class Action Settlement Which Potentially Gives Class Members 100% Recovery

June 18, 2020

Wolf Popper LLP Is Pro Bono Counsel in Lawsuit Against Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Its Director Challenging Unlawful Taskforce

May 21, 2020

Wolf Popper LLP Investigates the Proposed Acquisition of Standard Diversified Inc. by its Controlling Shareholder Standard General L.P.

May 14, 2020

Wolf Popper Surprise Billing Litigations Featured in NBC News Article on Private Equity Ownership of Healthcare Companies

May 13, 2020

Wolf Popper LLP Files Amended Complaint in GGP Consolidated Class Action

April 6, 2020

Wolf Popper Partner Carl Stine Authors Article on Delaware Law Appearing in the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law

March 30, 2020

District of Arizona Denies Motion to Dismiss Securities Fraud Class Action Against Microchip Technology and its Senior Executives

March 2, 2020

Federal Court Certifies Class Action to Proceed Against TreeHouse Foods, Inc.

March 2, 2020

Wolf Popper Group Defeats Motion to Dismiss in AmTrust Stockholder Lawsuit

February 28, 2020

Class Certification Granted in TreeHouse Foods, Inc.

February 25, 2020

Federal Court Denies Defendants’ Motions to Dismiss Securities Fraud Class Action Against First Choice Healthcare Solutions and its Former CEO Christian Romandetti.

February 24, 2020

Wolf Popper LLP Files Derivative Action on Behalf of GPB Partnerships

February 20, 2020

Court Grants Preliminary Approval of Proposed Settlement in EmCare Surprise ER Billing Case and Schedules Final Approval Hearing

January 24, 2020

Medical Horror Story - Patient (and Wolf Popper Partner) Who Added Single Word "Reasonable" to Financial Form Was Denied Medical Treatment

January 8, 2020

Update in Anwar v. Fairfield Greenwich Limited (Madoff) Securities Litigation (09-cv-00118 (VM))

December 11, 2019

Wolf Popper Obtains Order from the Delaware Court of Chancery Requiring Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to Hold an Annual Meeting on January 9, 2020

December 6, 2019

Wolf Popper Partner Chet Waldman Speaks on Panel Regarding The Consequences of Failed Compliance at the NYC Bar Association

September 12, 2019

Eight Wolf Popper Attorneys Named 2019 Super Lawyers!

September 11, 2019

Wolf Popper Featured in Bloomberg Law for Leading the Charge Against Surprise Hospital Billing

September 6, 2019

Wolf Popper LLP Prevails in GGP Books and Records Trial

July 1, 2019

Wolf Popper Partner Meets with Colombian President at the 49 General Assembly meeting of the OAS

May 20, 2019

Wolf Popper Partner Chet Waldman Speaks at NCPERS 2019 Annual Conference

April 22, 2019

Wolf Popper LLP Mourns the Loss of Retired Partner Robert M. Kornreich

April 14, 2019

Litigation Counsel of America Names Wolf Popper Partner Carl L. Stine as a Fellow

March 25, 2019

Chet Waldman Co-Authors Chapter on Class Actions for ABA Book on

February 28, 2019

Wolf Popper LLP Reaches $7.5 Million Settlement in Hansen Medical Stockholder Lawsuit

February 12, 2019

Wolf Popper Partner Chet Waldman Speaks at the NAPO 2019 Pension & Benefits Seminar

February 12, 2019

Wolf Popper Partner Josh Ruthizer Speaks at a Panel on Securities Litigation Q&A

February 4, 2019

Sean Zaroogian Joins NYC Bar Group on Litigation Funding

January 30, 2019

Wolf Popper Partner Chet Waldman Speaks on Ten Years after the Financial Crisis

December 11, 2018

Wolf Popper Partner Chet Waldman speaks at a panel on Class Actions in Latin America and Their Interaction with the U.S. Market

December 5, 2018

Sean Smoot Appointed To Illinois Governor-Elect's Restorative Justice and Safe Communities Committee

November 13, 2018

Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in PHC Shareholder Litigation

September 13, 2018

Ten Wolf Popper Attorneys Named 2018 Super Lawyers!

July 12, 2018

Wolf Popper LLP Announces that the New York Supreme Court Certifies a Class of Residential Customers Who Lost Power for More Than 3 Days Due to Superstorm Sandy

July 2, 2018

First Circuit Affirms Disgorgement Order Won By Wolf Popper LLP for PHC Shareholder Class Following Trial

June 20, 2018

Wolf Popper LLP Defeats Hansen Medical Defendants' Motion to Dismiss

May 31, 2018

Wolf Popper LLP Commences Litigation on Behalf of Arca Capital Against AmTrust Financial Services, Inc.

May 15, 2018

Wolf Popper LLP Prevails against Handy & Harman's Controlling Shareholder's Motion to Dismiss

October 19, 2017

Wolf Popper Partner Carl Stine Authors Article on Merger and Acquisition Law in the Age of Trump

September 22, 2017

Super Lawyers Says Wolf Popper Is One of the

September 21, 2017

Eleven Wolf Popper Attorneys Named 2017 Super Lawyers!

July 14, 2017

Court Orders Disgorgement of $3 Million to PHC Shareholder Class Following Trial Led by Wolf Popper

July 7, 2017

Wolf Popper LLP Partner Chet B. Waldman Elected to Inter-American Bar Association Council

July 5, 2017

Delaware Chancery Court Approves $10 Million Settlement of Sauer Danfoss Class Action

May 23, 2017

Wolf Popper Partner Chet Waldman Speaks at NCPERS Conference

March 27, 2017

Judge Certifies Class in Procter & Gamble Flushable Wipes Case

February 10, 2017

New Jersey Appellate Court Reinstates Claims Against Elliott in Metrologic Case

January 27, 2017

Delaware Chancery Court Approves $17.9 Million Settlement for Minority Stockholders of Cornerstone Therapeutics

January 27, 2017

Public Employees Retirement System of Mississippi Appointed Lead Plaintiff and Wolf Popper LLP Appointed Lead Counsel in TreeHouse Foods, Inc. Securities Class Action

January 25, 2017

Wolf Popper Secures Right of Nutrisystem Shareholders to Remove Directors

December 21, 2016

Settlement Preliminarily Approved in Truth in Lending Case Against Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

October 6, 2016

Twelve Wolf Popper Attorneys Named 2016 SuperLawyers!

July 13, 2016

Wolf Popper Appointed Class Counsel In Truth In Lending Act Case Against Wells Fargo Bank, NA and Court Certifies Case to Proceed As Class Action

July 5, 2016

Wolf Popper LLP Partners Author New York Law Journal Article Titled "Mandatory Arbitration Clauses in Consumer Contracts and CFPB's Proposed Rules"

June 27, 2016

Wolf Popper Partner, Emily Madoff, Represents Zurab Tsereteli in Connection with the Installation of His Monument Birth of A New World in Arecibo, Puerto Rico

May 27, 2016

NCPERS Gives Award of Excellence to Wolf Popper LLP

April 18, 2016

Court Grants Final Approval To Settlement In Yongye International, Inc. Shareholder Litigation

February 29, 2016

Wolf Popper Files Derivative Lawsuit Targeting Caterpillar Tax Evasion Scheme

February 24, 2016

Court Grants Final Approval of $6.5 Million Settlement in Prospect Medical Case

January 11, 2016

Wolf Popper LLP Obtains Final Approval of $125 Million Partial Settlement With Citco Defendants

September 28, 2015

New York Partner Carl L. Stine Named Fellow of American Bar Foundation