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Antitrust Litigation

Federal and state antitrust law is intended to protect businesses and individuals from a wide range of anticompetitive conduct. When corporations use their power to control the marketplace, fix prices, and/or reduce competition, they victimize both businesses and individuals.

Antitrust laws help to combat these unfair business practices and to maintain a healthy, competitive, and fair marketplace for everyone. While government agencies may bring lawsuits to prevent antitrust violations, it is private lawsuits that serve as the primary enforcement against corporate antitrust violations and the primary means of recovery for financial damages that corporate antitrust violations inflict. Antitrust laws encourage such non-government litigation, with some of them allowing not only for injunctions stopping the anticompetitive conduct, but also for the recovery of treble damages, or three times the party’s losses, as well as attorneys’ fees and costs.

Wolf Popper's attorneys have experience prosecuting antitrust cases, representing both businesses and individuals injured as a result of antitrust violations.

Over the years the Firm has recovered a total of hundreds of millions of dollars of damages for our clients from sellers of a wide range of services and products in a variety of industries, such as carriers of containerized trans-Atlantic shipping, the distribution of tobacco, and the sale or distribution of certain wiring devices, dairy, bread, and medical products. The firm has also had important roles in antitrust cases involving the pharmaceutical and other industries.

The types of business practices that are generally prohibited by the antitrust laws include:

  • Monopolization
    (One company dominates the market)
  • Horizontal price-fixing
    (Competitors agree on prices)
  • Vertical price-fixing
    (Seller and buyer agree on resell price)
  • Market allocation
    (Competitors agree not to compete in specific areas)
  • Exclusive franchise agreements
    (A buyer is granted exclusive rights to resell a product/service)
  • Territorial and customer restrictions
    (A buyer is granted exclusive rights to resell in a specific territory or customer)

If you have been a victim of an antitrust violation, please contact Wolf Popper LLP for assistance.