Practice Area

Civil and Commercial Litigation

Wolf Popper and its attorneys have experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of claims, including contract matters, commercial disputes, and copyright and trademark litigations, and unfair competition disputes.  Wolf Popper represents domestic and international clients in courts throughout the United States and in arbitration proceedings.

Wolf Popper represented the State of New Jersey, Division of Investment in an opt-out litigation against Merrill Lynch alleging breach of contract related to New Jersey’s purchase of preferred stock and subsequent conversion of that preferred stock to common stock.  That litigation resulted in a recovery of $45 million for New Jersey alone in 2013.

Wolf Popper defended a global corporation in an arbitration claim seeking damages in excess of $100 million for an alleged breach of contract. Wolf Popper successfully reduced the amount of potential damages 99% before settlement.

Wolf Popper defended a large international airline in a personal injury claim seeking damages of $5 million, and successfully obtained summary judgment for our client, affirmed by the Second Circuit on appeal. 

Wolf Popper represented a European artist of a world famous sculpture in a copyright infringement action in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.  An avant-garde art collector had purchased a signed, bronze replica of the sculpture, painted the work in garish colors, and displayed it in his shop.  The collector refused to remove the paint.  On behalf of the artist, Wolf Popper brought a case for copyright infringement.  Wolf Popper won a complete victory for the artist, compelling the collector to remove the paint and enjoining him from in any way changing or distorting the work in the future, and also compelling the collector to pay the artist’s attorneys’ fees.