July 12, 2018

Wolf Popper LLP Announces that the New York Supreme Court Certifies a Class of Residential Customers Who Lost Power for More Than 3 Days Due to Superstorm Sandy

NEW YORK, July 11, 2018

Wolf Popper LLP is pleased to announce that, in a rare and significant decision, the New York State Supreme Court, Nassau County, granted class certification in the litigation against LIPA (the Long Island Power Authority) and National Grid Electric Services, which claims arise from the companies’ dismal performance before and after Sandy.  The class action alleges that LIPA and National Grid breached their contracts with LIPA customers by failing to properly maintain and storm harden LIPA’s electric transmission and delivery system, and as a result of those breaches, LIPA customers suffered unacceptably prolonged power outages after the storm in October and November 2012.

The Court certified a class of all LIPA residential customers who lost power during Sandy, were without power for more than three days, and did not require electrical inspections to regain service.  The Court certified the named plaintiffs as Class representatives, and appointed Wolf Popper as co-lead counsel for the Class.

The case is In re Long Island Power Authority Hurricane Sandy Litigation, No. 601434-2013 (Supreme Court, Nassau County). 

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