Portfolio Monitoring Service


Who Needs the Portfolio Monitoring Services Wolf Popper Provides?

Institutional investors, trustees, pension managers, money managers, investment consultants, and others with fiduciary responsibilities to their pension funds, retirement systems, hedge funds, mutual funds, and other investment funds.

News Monitoring for Key Developments

Wolf Popper actively monitors the financial markets for news affecting our clients’ holdings. For purposes of keeping our clients informed on a current basis, we monitor news of litigations, settlements, governmental investigations, accounting restatements by public companies, insider trading, abnormal short selling and stock price movements, as well as corporate governance events which impact our clients’ securities holdings. We then analyze this news for purposes of investigating potential legal claims our clients may have. If events affecting securities held in a client’s portfolio warrant, we conduct in-depth investigations to determine what further action, if any, is indicated. Among other things, Wolf Popper gathers corporate intelligence through a wide variety of traditional and nontraditional sources. We have personnel and sophisticated resources devoted to these investigations. We also rely on a number of market professionals who are instrumental in assisting us in identifying information affecting the securities markets.[1]  In this connection we have an investigative team consisting of:

  • Attorneys experienced in securities and corporate governance matters;
  • Former Wall St. professional devoted full time to monitoring/investigations.

Regular Updates

We update our monitoring clients regularly to keep them apprised of developments in situations in which they have a significant financial interest. Wolf Popper’s portfolio monitoring is also designed to bring to the attention of trustees and managers key corporate governance issues that may be of importance to them.

Prosecute Litigations

Should your plan/fund/system wish to pursue a legal claim it has, Wolf Popper is well-equipped to handle such a litigation.

  • Experienced

Wolf Popper LLP is a highly experienced securities class action litigation firm headquartered in New York City. Since its founding more than seventy years ago, Wolf Popper has been a leader in efforts to protect the interests of defrauded investors, prosecuting thousands of actions under federal and state laws throughout the United States and abroad. The Firm’s efforts have resulted in recoveries of billions of dollars for aggrieved parties.

  • Reputation for success

Wolf Popper’s distinguished reputation is well-known and widely respected. The Firm has one of the longest-standing practices in the field of securities class action litigation, with unparalleled expertise. Wolf Popper’s careful factual and legal research and selective prosecution of securities actions has resulted in the vast majority of its actions being sustained over motions to dismiss, particularly under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act (the “PSLRA”).

  • Insight

The Firm’s long-established role in the securities bar provides its clients with an understanding and insight into federal securities laws that could only be obtained through years of practice in the field.

  • National Representation

Wolf Popper has been frequently praised by Courts throughout the United States for the quality of our representation of clients in securities litigation. The Firm has been called “extraordinary” and “highly expert.”[2]

Monitor Settlements

Each year, many millions of dollars are recovered for investors through securities class actions. But not all shareholders included in the classes in these actions make a claim and/or receive their share of the settlements. Investors can only receive a check if trustees or managers complete the necessary paperwork. We facilitate this process to ensure clients receive the compensation to which they are entitled.

Clearly, if fund managers, trustees, and consultants do not know they are eligible to receive compensation from a settlement, they can never recover their full share. If a fund or investor is not listed as a shareholder on transfer agents’ records, there will be no direct notice of class action settlements. In these instances, notices go to a fund’s or investor’s brokerage firm or custodial bank instead. That means the information may be delayed – or even, in rare cases, never arrives. And even if administrators or trustees are notified, the brokerage firm may not help to process claim forms or know enough about class action lawsuits to answer all-important questions.

Wolf Popper monitors settlements of class actions for which our clients may have claims. In this way we help ensure that our clients do not leave money on the table to which they are rightfully entitled. This can mean our clients are ensured of capturing tens of thousands of dollars, or more, a year that may otherwise fall through the cracks.

[1] In In re World Access, Inc. Securities Litigation, 1:99-cv-42-ODE (N.D. Ga.), our detailed investigation resulted in the first ever securities class action complaint upheld by an Atlanta judge who had dismissed all 18 prior securities class actions assigned to her. See 119 F. Supp. 2d 1348 (2000). In In re Cyber-Care Securities Litigation, 00-8404-CIV-RYSKAMP/VITUNAC (S.D. Fla.), we retained a private investigator to contact the corporation’s purported customers to obtain detailed information that was the basis for the fraud complaint that was sustained in all respects over defendants’ motion to dismiss.

[2] See the sample Judicial Commentary on the Firm at http://www.wolfpopper.com/content.cfm?ID=3.