Portfolio Monitoring Service


Protect Assets

A fiduciary’s first job is to make sure the assets that it manages or is otherwise responsible for are safe. You can’t make fund, system or plans grow if they are lost because of fraud, insider trading or other wrongdoing. Wolf Popper’s free Portfolio Monitoring service can alert you to any class action, derivative action or corporate governance matter that may be of interest to your plan, fund or system. The Firm’s reports give you the information that can help you decide how to best protect your assets.

Expert Counseling

Most fiduciaries are not looking to bring a litigation and we agree with them, but what should you do when others are bringing class actions or joining class actions already filed? A well-reasoned decision to take no action is often the right course of action, but you should never do so without consulting legal counsel. We can provide you with our analysis of the underlying claims in these cases and help you determine if taking no action is the appropriate thing to do. We also can represent your interests in litigation, but if you use our Portfolio Monitoring Service you are under no obligation to use our firm should you ever decide to litigate a claim.

Recover Losses from Fraud and Other Corporate Wrongdoing

If you do decide to take action we can help. The state and federal cases we have been involved in as the lead plaintiff’s attorneys have recovered billions of dollars for shareholders.

Sleep at Night

You have enough worries in your business. With our Portfolio Monitoring service, you can feel secure knowing that you will be informed about any potential legal claim arising out of your plan/fund’s investments so that you will be able to adequately fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities and make informed decisions relating to these claims.

No Charge

We neither charge a fee nor receive compensation for portfolio monitoring, corporate governance counseling, or settlement claims management services. If a fund chooses to get involved in a securities class action case or a corporate governance matter, we hope the trustee or investment manager will choose to work with Wolf Popper based on the quality of our work and the services we offer. In most cases, the case ultimately succeeds, we will ask the court for an award of attorney fees and reimbursement of our expenses from the funds we recover on behalf of all investors or from the defendants and/or their insurers.