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RAE Systems, Inc. Shareholders Litigation

Wolf Popper was a member of Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee in this shareholder class action challenging the buyout of RAE Systems, Inc. by a private equity firm aided by company insiders who were significant shareholders of the company, including the company’s founders.  In re RAE Systems, Inc. Shareholders Litigation, Consolidated C.A. No. 5848-VCS.  Through discovery in the action, plaintiffs uncovered information that these insiders favored one bidder for the company over another and, in fact, had threatened the non-favored bidder with sabotage if that bidder was ultimately successful.  After this information was disclosed to the court by plaintiffs and a subsequent admonishment by the court, the bidding process was opened up and a bidding war ensued, resulting in an increase of more than $13 million in the ultimate buyout price.

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