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Safeskin Corporation Securities Litigation

Stanley v. Safeskin

In Stanley v. Safeskin, Lead Case No. 99cv454-BTM(LSP) (S.D. Cal.). Wolf Popper served as co-lead counsel for Plaintiffs in this securities fraud class action alleging accounting improprieties and improper recognition of revenue. The action settled for $55 million. The Honorable Barry T. Moskowitz complimented Plaintiffs’ Co-Lead Counsel upon approval of the settlement in 2003, noting his “incredible respect for the work that the lawyers did.” Describing Plaintiffs’ counsel as “highly skilled in these cases,” Judge Moskowitz commented that he was “kind of looking forward to trying this case, because it would have the best lawyers in the country trying this case. . . .” Paying Plaintiffs’ Co-Lead Counsel perhaps an ultimate compliment, the Court further said, “From the plaintiffs’ perspective -- and I say this for all the firms -- you handled it on a much higher plane, probably on a textbook or ideal plane. If they would teach people how it should be done in law school, this would be the example of, how the lawyers handle this case.”

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