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Mattel, Inc. (Dusek v. Mattel) Securities Litigation


In Thurber v. Mattel, Master File No. CV-99-10368-MRP(CWx) (C.D. Cal.) (§10(b) claims) and Dusek v. Mattel, Master File No. CV-99-10864-MRP(CWx) (C.D. Cal.) (§14(a) claims), Wolf Popper was a member of the Executive Committee of Plaintiffs’ counsel, but was also specifically appointed by the Federal Court to have primary responsibility for the prosecution of the Dusek v. Mattel §14(a) claims. After more than three years of extremely hard-fought litigation, including two rounds of motions to dismiss, the production of millions of documents, and the taking or defending of more than 40 depositions, both cases settled for the aggregate sum of $122 million, with $61 million allocated for the Dusek v. Mattel §14(a) claims, believed to be the largest settlement of a § 14(a) case. Upon approving the settlement, the Judge complimented counsel saying that the settlement was an “awfully good result.” The Judge also specifically found that “Wolf Popper LLP vigorously prosecuted the Dusek action and zealously represented the interests of the Dusek class members” and that Wolf Popper zealously performed in a “very capable and professional manner.”

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