February 7, 2017

Judge Announces He Will Certify Class in Procter & Gamble Flushable Wipes Case

A New York federal judge said he would certify a class action accusing Procter & Gamble of mislabeling as "flushable" bathroom wipes that do not degrade quickly enough to be described as flushable.  On February 3, 2017, U.S. District Judge Jack B. Weinstein said he would issue an order in 30 days approving a class composed of New York consumers who stand to receive up to $50 per customer per purchase because of the state’s statutory damages for consumer fraud.  In addition to monetary damages, Lester Levy of Wolf Popper LLP, representing named plaintiff Anthony Belfiore, said he wanted the misrepresentations of “flushable” and “safe for sewers and septic systems” taken off the labels.